Food & Drinks


At Oktoberfest in the Gardens you’ll be tantalized by menus filled with a long list of German favourites. Although still being finalised, you can expect;

  • German Bratwurst varieties, Kranski and Curry Wurst with sauerkraut.
  • Pork knuckles (hocks)
  • Roast pork rolls off the spit
  • German chevaps
  • Bavarian meatloaf
  • Wood fired flammkuchen
  • Roasted chicken
  • Pulled pork and beef sliders
  • Braised meat rolls
  • Reuben sandwich and other gourmet toasted sandiwches
  • Pomme frites, chips & potato salad
  • Fondue cheese
  • Laugenbrezel (pretzels)
  • Crepes
  • Gingerbread hearts
  • German pastries and cakes

In 2016 we are working with the following local caterers and food vans;

  • OktoberFeast
  • The German Hut
  • Berlin Bangers
  • Oktoberfest Hut
  • The Bratwurst Bar
  • Taste of Europe
  • The Pizza Truck
  • Saurkraut Sisters
  • German Schnitzel Haus
  • Bite Size Delights
  • Char Char
  • 2 Smoking Barrels
  • Raclette Fondue
  • Neus German Bread
  • Dutch Poffertjes House
  • Belgian Bakers
  • Classic Treats



Thanks to the world’s oldest brewery and major event partner, Weihenstephan (pronounced vine-stheff-arn), we’ve got a huge range of imported beer, cider and other beverages available for purchase at Oktoberfest in the Gardens.

The beverage menu is shaping up something like this;

  • Weihenstephan Pilsner
  • Weihenstephan Hefe
  • Weihenstephan Kristal
  • Hofbrau Original Lager
  • Hofbrau Dunkl
  • Paulaner Original Lager
  • Paulaner Pilsner
  • Tucher Oktoberfestbier
  • Erdinger Hefe
  • Lowenbrau Original Lager
  • Hundehaus Original Lager
  • Hundehaus Premium Pilsner
  • Weidmann Pilsner
  • Somersby Apple & Pear Cider
  • Deep Woods Wines (SSB & Rose)
  • Henkell German Sparkling
  • Popular RTD’s
  • Water + Soft Drinks